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My Favorite Movie Quotes


Carl Jung: So you’re not a believer in monogamy?

Otto Gross: For a neurotic like myself, I can’t possibly imagine a more stressful concept.

Carl Jung: Sometimes you have to do the unforgivable just to continue living.

Otto Gross: Do not pass by the oasis without stopping to drink.

Carl Jung: It’s generally thought to be the man who should take the initiative.
Sabina Spielrein: Don’t you think there’s something male in every woman and something female in every man? Or should be?

Otto Gross: I can’t understand what you’re waiting for. Just take her to some secluded spot and thrush her to within an inch of her life. That’s clearly what she wants. How can you deny her such a simple pleasure?
Carl Jung: Pleasure’s never simple, as you very well know.
Otto Gross: It is. Of course it is. Until we decide to complicate it. What my father call maturity, what I call surrender
Carl Jung: Surrender for me would be to give in to these urges.
Otto Gross: Then surrender. It doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as you don’t let the experience escape. That’s my prescription.

Otto Gross: If there is one thing I’ve learned in my short life, is this. Never repress anything.

Sabina Spielrein: If I am right, only the clash of destructive forces can create something new.

Carl Jung: Angels always speak German. It’s a tradition.

Otto Gross: It seems to me the measure of the true perversity of the human race, that one of us have very few have lively pleasurable image of the subject of so much hysteria and impression.
Carl Jung: But not to repress yourself is to unleash all kinds of dangerous and destructive forces.
Otto Gross: Our job is to make our patients capable of feeling.
Carl Jung: I’ve heard it said that you helped one of your patients to kill herself.
Otto Gross: She was reasonably suicidal, I just explained how she could do it without watching it. Then I asked her is she didn’t prefer the idea of becoming my lover. She opted for both.

Sigmund Freud: Experiences like this, however painful, are necessary and inevitable. Without them how can we know life?

I’m saying perhaps true sexuality demands the destruction of the ego.

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